Mett & Gladys Safe Haven Mission, Vision and Values

                                                              Mett and Gladys Safe Haven

Mission Statement: Is to improve the lives of the vulnerable population experiencing homelessness by providing transitional housing and services that will empower them to improve the quality and build secure and safe lives.


Vision Statement: Our vision is to live in a community where all families will have a place to call their home, provide a model to enable the homeless population to obtain affordable housing. 



  • A commitment to respond to the specific needs of our population no matter how complex. We will not shy away from difficult cases that require extra attention, understanding and care.


  • Work with each guest in supporting them to set achievable and realistic goals that will enable them to work towards a safe, sustainable and happy future.


  • To help our guests realize the value of their labor and the contribution they can make to building a better society.


  • To foster and grow a community of guest and volunteers built on a commitment to care, understand and respect. Mett & Gladys Safe Haven is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of its staff, guest and volunteers.